Teach Kids about the importance of giving Charity

Charity is not something you do once in your lifetime and brag about for years to your friends. Charity is a responsibility in our life for those of us who are fortunate enough to have some extra money or supplies to spare. As soon as our children are old enough to understand the concept, we must teach them what charity represents. It encourages kids to learn to give back to someone who may be less fortunate and to show them how important kindness is in the world.

Around the age of 4, children understand the concept of giving to others. Whether it is a piece of candy or anything else, they understand giving something to a member of your family or even to other kids. At this age, they get the opportunity to understand that everyone has their own things. This is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that giving away something or letting others borrow it is a part of kindness and sharing.


If your child has clothes they no longer wear or toys they don’t play with anymore, consider donating the items with your children. Ask your kids which clothes they would like to donate and what toys to give away every few years to charity stores, such as Good Will or Faith Farm. Take your children along with you to get the maximum benefit out of it. If they see their items being donated, they will understand how appreciative people are to receive them. This will help them feel grateful and see what impact donations have in their community.

Involve your children to charity activities:

Involving your children in charity activities will bring a real difference into your child’s life. Let them understand that all children, even adults too, are not fortunate enough to have a good life. Celebrating charitable birthdays among the less fortunate children and giving away free food will also make a huge difference.


It is an awesome gesture to adopt a family during the holiday season. During such a happy and family-oriented time, giving toys or donating items to children and their families will spread the joy. To be even kinder, you can ask your children to buy what those kids want and donate them. This way, your kids will have self-satisfaction and will have made an important difference.