ourfun Outdoor Toy Playset Kids Boys Girls Cool Sport Toys

ourfun Outdoor Toy Playset Kids Boys Girls Cool Sport Toys Set Rainbow Kites Foam Airplane Dog Flying Disc 3-in-1 Great Discount Perfect Family Games Teens


  • PERFECT FLYING PLAYSET FOR KIDS. This item is a flying toys set that contains three parts: A Kite, a Foam Airplane and a Dog Flying Disc. You can get three toys all at once with the best deal on price and shipping fee. It’s one of the best toys you can use for outdoor games and activities. Each toy is unique, bringing fun and joy to you and your family. Every customer who purchases the Flying Playset stands a chance to get a free mysterious gift
  • IT’S A CLASSIC RAINBOW KITE WITH FRAME. This easy flyer is specially designed to be stable and easy to launch no matter the direction and speed of the wind. It can even be flown in light winds. 46″ wide by 87″ long (with a 62″ tail). 330 feet (100 meters) kite string (vs the usual 100″~200″) You will also find it easy to teach kids who are just learning how to launch, control, and they’ll feel the thrill of success when finally get it to launch. It’s amazon’s choice from amazon best sellers
  • IT IS A VERY SAFE AND SOFT AIRPLANE TOY. Made from EPP high-polymer material which is harmless to the body. It is lightweight, has good flexibility and impact resistance, can bend, and does not break easily. It can be flown in the backyard, at the park and beach, during spring, summer, and autumn. It is a perfect addition to your outdoor games toys kit set for kids. You can change ball position and quantity for series aerobatic flight – it’s like being a pilot!
  • IT IS A PERFECT SIZE AND SOFT DISC FOR DOG. Its aerodynamic design makes it easy to grip, throw accurately, and catch. It is great for bonding with your pet and getting them outside for exercise. It has a soft material that is safe and gentle for your dog’s teeth and gums. It’s edge bulges also allow your little pets to bite it easily and firmly. It is also perfect for any beach, pool, park, or just as an outdoor game outside the house. Your kids and dogs will love this outdoor lawn game
  • Now, take your doggie with you, let your kids run outside ! Share the happy hour with your family and build priceless memories with kids. From beaches to parks, just enjoy spending a happy time with your family